Hot fun in the summertime!

Its here…fabulous summer. The time of year our clients are spending more time outdoors, the kids are out of school and vacation time begins.   I love the sun and the way it dances on my face especially when I am at the beach.   Growing up in NYC and NJ we had two beautiful months to get some rays and enjoy the boardwalk.   July and August were the months to enjoy ultimate sunshine.   Then moving to Florida for my husband gave me 12 months to enjoy a day or walk on the beach.   While I was not abusive to my skin, I did spend some time at the beach and I did experiment with tanning beds to get a little color to my face and body.

One day a few years ago, I noticed a spot on my body.   It was brown, small, raised and looked like a round candy sprinkle on a cupcake.   I watched as it grew bigger in a just a week.   LONG story short I am a cancer survivor.   I paid attention to my body and caught mine.   Unfortunately, the biopsy read Squamous cell carcinoma.   I needed a surgical procedure called Mohs surgery to remove it.   It took five hours and over $5,000.00, and the day of my surgery I discovered yet another spot right next to this one.   That too would need to be removed.  My cancer was unique. It was on my breast very rare they say…usually found on male construction workers or men who work outside without wearing a shirt.

My doctor was shocked.  He said I had dark hair, dark eyes and not to worry.  He had never seen a case of skin cancer on the breast. It is a very sneaky disease.

Ever since then, I have been spreading the word by enlightening my clients to take cover and wear the best accessory they can, SUNSCREEN.

We teach them how to practice safe FUN in the sun and feel great about doing it.

Next week we are sending out our annual e-mail and postcard campaign reminding them to take care and be aware. We offer specials on sun care and self-tanners.  In addition, we will offer quick and free makeup demos that show them how to get a healthy bronze glow from head to toe.  We created a special display that has a paper lantern sun in the background and filled beach sand pails with sunscreen, lip balm, sunless tanners etc.  We serve pink lemonade and with every purchase of $50.00 or more. They get a free pair of sunglasses.  It is a win win situation.

They also get a copy of our summer BEAUTY newsletter that features Why I don’t recommend spending lots of time in the sun and baking their skin like a dozen chocolate chip cookies or in a tanning bed.  When they read the words:  Sunspots, premature wrinkles, red spots, skin growths, white spots, uneven skin tone, wrinkled lips and more, it really sends a message home to their heart to be careful.

Our guests are fully aware I am a skin cancer survivor and I have a journal with a photo of before and after to show them what my cancer journey was like.  Those who would like to view it do.  Many are too scared to look at the photos.  While I tell them I do not feel very pretty anymore and that no Victoria Secret bra can make me feel sexy and good…I DO thank God I am alive and lived to help them not only look their best but take care of their skin and get a yearly skin exam with their dermatologist.

Why don’t you join me this summer too with your own spa beauty campaign? It’s cheap, easy and an event your clients will thank you for doing  it… and oh so rewarding!