How to Avoid Compensation Mistakes in Your Spa

1.Energize employees by getting them excited about their work, build team spirit, and provide a friendly working environment.
Hire people with commitment (avoid part time when possible).
2.Consider a trial period before hiring full-time to avoid costly mistakes
3.Limit the use of Independent contractors. They are a liability because they cannot be managed or trained. Employ them primarily for ancillary services like laser hair removal, nutritional consultations, etc.
4.Define basic job responsibilities--Compensation is not only treatment-based, it is based on other things like selling retail, cleaning hydrotherapy tubs, turning treatment rooms between clients, and attending meetings.
5.Make sure employees know they are obligated to stay for their entire shift. They can perform a "home care advisor" role and make sales commissions, build their client list, and make follow-up calls to retain clients.
Have advancement levels for motivation.
6.Consider mentor programs where a spa therapist can work with and learn from a senior employee.
Reward and provide incentives.
7.Provide a wide range of employee benefits such as health insurance, 401-K, vacation, sick days, continuing education, etc.
8.Technical training and education are great benefits. Institute a tuition reimbursement program to encourage employee growth. Offer trips to Spa Finder Partner Retreats as an employee perk and educational experience.
9.Retaining an employee at all cost is not a good idea! Don't be held hostage by long-term employees; hold them to the same performance standards.
10.Practice "open book management" by making employees aware of the company's plans, goals, and financial status.