How to Choose the Best Equipment to Service a Well Balanced Spa

The spa industry is growing at a rapid rate, and many entering the industry are so excited about designing their spa by the time they shop for equipment they discover lack of proper equipment planning is a costly mistake.

Spa equipment is becoming very sophisticated and special expertise is required with training and education for setting up this equipment.

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Choosing the right spa equipment must be done according to the spa programs you wish to provide for your guests.  What is the emphasis in your spa?  Relaxation, Beauty, Skincare, Hydrotherapy?

Having decided on the type of spa programs you will then have to decide on the menu of services and the level or price range you want to offer your guests.

If the menu for, for example, is to give basic facials then the equipment can be basic, such as a steamer and magnifying lamp.  However, if your menu is more extensive then additional equipment will be needed.  To deliver high performance services you will need a facial unit with high frequency, automatic galvanic, vacuum spray and rotary brush functions.

For body treatments the same applies.  In your adjustable wet treatment room you may have a Vichy shower with a wet table which you can offer Vichy with exfoliations and body wraps.  However, if you have an aqua massage system with your Vichy unit you can provide additional services and with a converter top for the wet table you can also do massage in this room if required.  Making this a multi function room and the likelihood of turning down revenue will be less because you have this option.

It is important to do this in the planning states and to get advise from various professionals not just one source: A spa Consultant, The Vendor, The service provider, and the guests who will use the equipment.

Research and experience the equipment yourself and get referrals from others who have used the equipment.  Your decision will be based on your vision and you should be aware of the esthetics, durability, and flexibility of the equipment.

Multi-Purpose Treatment Rooms:  Do you have enough room or space for the equipment you have selected with adequate working space around the equipment when a guest is experiencing a spa treatment?  Is there adequate storage space for equipment and accessories when they are not being used?

Make up a list of equipment you:

  • Must have
  • Would like to have
  • May add in the future so that you can plan for  expansion.

Helpful Hints

  1. How many rooms can be multi functional so that you can maximize your revenue potential?  One room may be able to provide 3 or move services, skincare, massage, waxing, manicure and pedicure, etc.
  2. The noise factor so that equipment used in one room does not disturb the guest in the adjoining room.
  3. There is a trend towards multi-purpose equipment, for example 3 in 1 can be a Vichy shower, a steam cabinet and a wet table for body exfoliations and wraps.
  4. Make sure you have adjustable tables either hydraulic or electric.
  5. In your wet room have storage space for your converter top.

Equipment is a big investment so make sure you comply with safety standards, and specify whether the warranty includes 2 year parts and labor.  Seeking professional advice is extremely important in addition to the manufactures credibility.

An additional question should be...Is training on the correct use of this equipment included in the price?

Compare the costs with what you like verses what you can afford. Compare the utilization that is going to generate revenue to give you a return on your investment. Beware of false economy.  Less expensive equipment probably won't last long and will have to be replaced sooner than more expensive equipment. 

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