How to Grow Your Business through Charitable Giving

An easy way for salon/day spa owners to market their businesses is by affiliating themselves with charities. Charitable giving is a win-win. It helps the salon/day spa develop a powerful network and helps others in the process. People like to associate themselves with businesses that support causes, which help disadvantaged people in a meaningful way.

If you're concerned about blurring the line between giving and receiving, you're not alone. Just remember charities are businesses too. More than ever before most charities understand your motivations. These charities have experience at helping you get a return on your charitable investments.

So which charity, should you choose to participate?

Remember, every charity has a demand on your time and has a variety of ways in which you can participate. Choose carefully and follow these guidelines:

  • Look for charities you believe in and for which you have some affinity. You'll have more fun and be a lot happier if you link up with this kind of charity.
  • Look for charities that will give your business meaningful exposure to large numbers of influential people.
  • If you are sponsoring an event, choose one where your target market would participate.
  • Stay away from charities that promote religious, political, or social agendas that are questionable or controversial in a meaningful way.

How can you use publicity to associate your name with the charity?

  • Send press releases to local media publicizing your donations of goods and services to the charity.
  • Include your charitable involvement in your marketing materials: newsletters, brochures, signs, cards, etc.
  • Get involved in high-profile causes that attract media attention.
  • Have the program named after you if you've given significant support.
  • Get your employees involved: wear pins, place pamphlets in appropriate retail outlets, etc.
  • Make sure the charity recognizes your salon/day spa in their publicity efforts.

How do I market our services and products to various constituencies of the charity?

Since most charities have thousands of people who belong to the charity, or who have some sort of affiliation with the charity, you have a great marketing opportunity.

  • Directly market to the employees, families members, clients of any group that is directly associated with your charity.
  • Advertise your services and products in the charity's newsletters and magazines.
  • Offer special discounts and targeted promotions to people who are associated with the charity.
  • Offer a percentage of the sales of a particular product as a donation to the charitable cause.
  • Develop a membership program or even a "buying club" for people affiliated with your charitable cause.

Although working with charities is a business building activity, never forget your primary motivation, helping others.

By Andrew Finkelstein, The Beauty Resource