How to Improve the Quality of your Status Updates on FaceBook

Do you feel like you are posting to FaceBook and nobody is listening? The occasional Comment or Like seems to be from the same people? The amount of people who like your Page may be part of the problem. The more people you have the more likes and comments you will get. Why do we want Likes and Comments? Because your Status Update will remain in the default Top News feed of the people who like our status update longer!!! If you want more Likes and COmments, then you have to improve the quality of your status updates.

1) Include a link so you get the "Share" button.

2) If you are going to ask a question, then use the Question status update feature and pre-select your answers so you get the viral effect of your question being shared without negative responses.

3) Look at what status updates are getting "Likes" and Comments and do more of those! This sounds simple and it is, Give The People What They Want!

4) Get Real - Less corporate perfection and more raw personality. Let the people who read your status updates know it i

5) Improve the relevancy of your status updates. Happy Holidays is boring as a status update from a Spa. A status update talking about Spas in the Roman days related to Easter might be educational and engaging!

Whatever you do, ask yourself "Do I want to see this update in my newsfeed?" Improve the quality of your Page Status Updates now!!!