How To Succeed In Selling Your Private Product Brand

There isn’t really anything complicated or challenging to it. Just do it the same way you promoted your spa or practice to success:

  1. Create your brand image and get a supplier
  2. Feature your products in your treatments and on your retail shelves
  3. Train your team to use and appreciate them.
  4. Talk about your product brand with enthusiasm and no one else’s!
  5. Make sure that your team (or yourself for that matter!) never fails to promote retail.
  6. Enjoy the sales, the higher profits and freedom from internet discounting!

Over and over again I’ve been asked if one’s business is too small, too unknown or too poor financially to have its own product brand. My answer is a uniform no to all of these questions: Your customers defer to the authority of your professional preferences and advice whether in deciding the right service for them or the homecare they need. I began my skincare practice in 1982 using private label products with my name applied to them with a stick-on label. Clients bought them as readily as any known brand, which, by the way, are mostly unknown to clients until we introduce them. I never talked about anything but how great Preston products were, and clients bought and loved them.

When they say “put your money where your mouth is” nothing applies better than private label product sales!