How to Target the Millennials--The New Revolution

Don't wait for the Baby Boomers -- Move on to Millennials. They are already using medspa services. Study them and their habits and cash in.

No Stigma or Secrets. Cosmetic enhancement is taken for granted by these younger consumers. Everything is out in the open.

The Insecurity of Youth. Younger women are often not as secure about themselves as older women, many of whom have replaced their youthful vanity with other values. Younger women will stare in the mirror and ponder every "imperfection" and stress about every ounce of weight they think they've gained. The same impulses that propel them to plunk down their credit card for a pair of $600 shoes or a designer bag can be tapped to get them into your medspa.

Hollywood and the Tabloids. Gen X and Y grew up reading US Weekly, People and InStyle, full of pictures of their favorite stars with obvious Restylane plumped lips, surgically enhanced breasts and noses, and Botoxed foreheads.

I Can Look Like That. If a woman in her early 30s sees a young star who has "had a little work done" or just someone she admires, she'll say "Hey I can look like that!" A woman in her mid to late 50s knows she'll never look like a 30-something actress, no matter what she has done. And furthermore, she probably could care less!!!

Sex in the City and Singletons. TV shows like Sex and the City glorify the high style, high spending single lifestyle. People that age are living in the moment, think they'll live forever, and believeall things are possible! They are less likely to worry about credit card debt and saving for their old age. So what's a few thousand dollars a year spent getting Botox.

Unbridled Spending Habits. Young women in their 20s and 30s spend lots of money on cosmetics and clothes. Many are still unmarried, so their money is not going to furnish the house or buy things for the baby.

Prevention. Botox can have preventative benefits and younger women are getting the treatments to prevent wrinkles as they age.