How To Use Facebook to Share The Holidays at Your Spa

Are you ready to put your Spa's Facebook Page to work? This year we are suggesting a 3 part strategy to make your Facebook presence effective and profitable. Are you ready?

  1. Create a Facebook Deal. You can do this by editing your Page, bottom right under deals. Make this deal strategic, it must be claimed within a limited time period and reward the person checking in significantly. A Groupon deal would cost you 70%, be generous and make this a good deal. Focus on your core strengths and the holidays. This is a stressful time of the year for a lot of people, let your Spa make the deal so good they want to share it with their friends. Need ideas? How about buy one massage get one free (must be used within 4 weeks)? Complaints about not having a smartphone? Let your clients right a recommendation on your Page and give them the deal! Be Creative!
  2. Promote the deal. You can't expect people to know you have a deal. Tell people to Check-in when they arrive at the spa, share it on your personal Facebook page, get your staff sharing the deal with their clients (did you know if you check-in on Facebook you get a deal for buy one massage get one free?), tweet the deal and last but not least - ask your clients to tell people about the amazing Facebook check-in deal you are running.
  3. Content is King. Share via pictures and text about your deal. Maybe even make a short video wishing your clients a happy holidays and tell them about your "gift" to them. You have to create some content and share it. Think about doing a holiday card as an image that you can share on Facebook, make sure the deal for your spa is clearly included. You have to leave your comfort zone and share content, yes the message is important, but the delivery is critical to the success of your campaign. 

Make this holiday season a successful one at your spa, start using social media and Facebook more generously. Your clients are on Facebook and want to engage in conversation with you, are you listening?