Illustrating the Way in the Workplace

As a leader, all eyes are on you.  Here are some simple ways great business leaders indirectly encourage positive behavior in their team.  Instead of mandates and new rules, which are often met with resistance, see how far you can get by merely setting a good example:

  • Read a business, motivational or self-improvement book.  Bring it to work with you, talk about it, and leave it in the break room. Take it a step further and establish a shared-book shelf and keep it stocked with great titles.
  • Avoid participating in gossip with team members or customers.  Keep all conversations positive and professional.
  • Dress professionally whenever you are in the spa.
  • Keep your work area organized and clean.  Make a habit of organizing your space at the end of each day.
  • When you witness a team member doing something great, take the opportunity to publicly praise them.  Not only does the praise encourage positive behavior, but it may inspire them to be complimentary of each other.
  • Start team meetings on time, and prevent them from running late.
  • Reduce wasted product, reuse items whenever possible, and recycle in the spa.


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