The Importance of Watching What You Say


I just came back from a big box retailer. I love this store it gets my creative juices flowing. I am a loyal customer and have been going there for years. Almost every time I get a coupon in the mail I GO and shop. I love the mix of merchandise and so happy when NEW shipments arrive. While visiting to se if they had any new breast cancer awareness décor and trimmings I had experienced something that a week later is still haunting me. I know that they seem like strong words…allow me to explain.

I found everything I needed and shopped until I dropped. When I went to check out, the register rang an item at $3.79 not $1.79. I know it is less than two dollars difference. HOWEVER, I purchased them because they were at that price. The clerk called what appeared to be the manager and he came to check on the item and go to the area of the store where they were featured. When he came back to the register, he had a LOAD of that item in his hands and said, “ Honor the $1.79 price”. Was I thrilled. Ready to wrap up and go about my day, he then ruined it as he went on to say “Those STUPID IDIOT employees. They put it in the wrong spot with the wrong price.”

Oh, how sick my stomach got and the faces the other shoppers around me made. Stunned the employee/clerk waiting on me looked dazed at what she just heard as well.

Mistakes happen I wanted to say…and that that no one is a "STUPID IDIOT EMPLOYEE". However, I could not as he stormed away from the register too fast for me to say it.

The sad part is they were small pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness. They were just what I was looking for. As a breast skin cancer survivor, they meant even more to me. For days now, every time I pass our all things THINK PINK open box that we will be displaying at the end of them month…I think of those horrific words and the tone of the big box store manager. Not a good feeling

My message here…owner, manager, co-worker or to clients…Think before you speak. What you say can’t be taken away!!!