Insuring Spa Profits this Holiday Season

Its October already and you know what that means, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Holiday Season is around the corner. You know the old saying “if you don’t have a plan, you are planning to fail”. Don’t postpone your success! here are 8 tips to help you celebrate this upcoming season!

8 Steps to Succeed

  1. Merchandising MIX 
  2. Gift card packages 
  3. Decorating the spa
  4. Holiday event
  5. E-news Marketing
  6. Special client gifts
  7. Team targets
  8. Team party


1. Merchandising MIX Decide what new gift items you want to offer and order them now. Create a festive way to package them. Bundling a few spa items together is a good idea, but make sure the packaging is attractive and irresistible. You want low, medium and high price points in order to appeal to different clientele. Run reports to determine what sold very well for you last year and do something similar. Don’t get stocked up on only skin care. Combine skin care with other items like spa CD’s, bath products, accessories, candles, spa books, etc. Get creative and involve your team in the process. If they are sold on the items, your team is more likely to promote and sell them.

2. Spa Gift Card Packages Spa Gift Card sales are always a big hit during the holidays, but here is a tip on how to maximize your gift card sales. Don’t sell gift cards alone. Create three to four packages of gift cards and include product gifts within each one. So instead of someone just buying a gift card, they are able to buy a gift with the card. Create a flyer featuring 3 or 4 packages and make sure they are at different price points. Display the gifts in a prominent area within the spa to attract attention and make people aware of the packages. This really works! You can increase your gift card sales tremendously.

3. Decorating the Spa Make the spa ambiance festive, but keep it simple. Remember less is more. Include your products within the decorations. A simple thing to do is to display beautifully wrapped packages with ribbons especially by the gift card area. Have fun and get creative!

4. Spa Holiday Event What a great way to thank all your clients and generate revenue at the same time! Planning a Holiday event?  Join us for a Pevonia sponsored webinar that I will be conducting on SpaTrade Oct 31st, It’s free.  I will share with you how to make thousands of dollars in just a couple of hours.

5. E-news Marketing Prepare and send out gift card promotions via e-mail. Inform your clients of all the fun and exciting things you have going on this season. Include some spa cuisine recipes and tips on how to stay healthy during the Holiday season, and of course promote your gift packages. If you don’t have an e-newsletter check out the Ready-To-Go e-news from InSPAration Management.

6. Special Client Gifts We all have special clients that spend a lot of money. You should show your appreciation to them with some sort of gift. Let them know they are special to you!

7. Team Targets Set team targets for service, retail, and gift card package sales. Have a contest and give the winners or whoever reaches the target something special. Get the team excited about the opportunities they have.

8. Team Party A Team appreciation party is a must! Do something special to let them know how valued they are! Go ahead and get started. We found the best way to get these things done is to schedule them into your calendar and begin working on them. If you start now and don’t procrastinate, you and your team will have a great Holiday Season. Are you planning something extraordinary? Share it us... See you on Oct 31st  at 2:00pm Eastern for the webinar!