An Introduction to Biodynamic Spa Development

Biodynamic spas developed with natural processes and the laws of nature are healthy living environments — spaces that actually promote the health of it's users and workers. These are better buildings that are value engineered for natural balance,  timeless beauty and functional economy .  Biodynamic SpasTM  are a healthy change  in the approach to spa development. Biodynamic spa development uses natural resources to  create healthy vital environments that inspire the occupants toward living healthy lives.   It assimilates basic natural principles that are environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically feasible into the development and operations of spas. 

Biodynamics has long been used in agricultural practices and is actively  used in the some of vineyards in Sonoma, CA.   It is a holistic approach to garden or farm that goes beyond simply being organic.  Holistic procedures take into account the life forces of the earth and the cosmos are employed to enhance the fertility of the soil.  It's practitioners work with inner methods of observing, understanding and healing the life forms of the farm or garden to produce a  highly superior crop.  They have developed extensive proactive e methods of caring for the earth and the soil to protect the very life sources that sustain the earth.

These same holistic methods can be applied to developing  a spa into a living breathing space .  It's starts with the site and orientation to light , microclimate and the seasons. A living  environment comes from the ground it's built on.  Product integrity for both building and treatments in the spa is paramount.   Renewable  energy, and ethical sourcing helps feed rather than deplete environment .   Health & safety as well as a valued workforce  and philanthropic activities create an energy that weaves it's way into all of the programs &  operations. Taking environmental responsibility and using lifecycles  to develop and operate can transform the spa into a naturally balanced space that protects the body and nourishes the mind and spirit.   

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