It's Raining Men!

All over the country men are flocking slowly but nevertheless flocking to spas and salons for a taste of what we have to offer. Now’s the time to celebrate and promote to them. It’s not just about women ...make room for daddy.

What can you sell to them? Let me count the ways.

Services that offer a tune up are important but so is the retail. If you sell it, they will buy it. Don’t just wrap up a gift basket and try and sell gift cards. CREATE an area…just for him. That he sees and is lured to. Make it manly and irresistible.

 We offer: A full line of skincare …just for MEN, tinted moisturizer, self tanners, oil blotting powder papers, fresh minty lip balms with sunscreen. Toothpaste that gives him a super smile! Nail care, foot care, bath and body care,massage oils and hair potions.

 F.Y.I. Men like to use and hear about what Celebrities use too, not just women. Let them know what’s hot, new, and right from you by signage, by your staff recommendations and even the front desk’s suggesting and information.

 How do I know? For years, I have special Sports Celeb’s clients. I have had the pleasure of powdering the noses of famous golf pros, tennis players, NFL football players, Newscasters for Fox Sports, TNT, CBS and Monday Night Football’s John Madden and Al Michaels. Also thoroughly enjoyed actor Martin Short and actor Dennis Miller from radio and TV. 

Icing on the man cake... is that we serve beer from a local microbrewery. There is nothing like a cold beverage in a chilled glass while shopping and trust me it does not always have to be alcohol. I find men and women alike love a refreshing drink. Their American Express cards come flying out of their wallets…just by offering a beverage while shopping. In addition, speaking of American Express if you do not accept it you are missing BIG sales and service tickets. I often hear business owners say they do not accept anything but VISA or MC. Big mistake!

 It’s not too late to reel the guys in…and have fun doing it!