Katherine Rothman's Why Spa PR?

Public relations means using the press and media in the form of editorial stories related to your spa, its treatments, operators, and aesthetic appeal. As opposed to advertising, public relations translates as unbiased because it give consumers information they need and want.


The idea of public relations is to put a creative spin on a spa to differentiate it from the plethora of competition. Skilled PR professionals do this by linking spa treatments with something seasonal, controversial, related to a holiday, trend, or celebrity tie-in. 


Public relations is a cumulative process. Some media exposure is what we refer to as a home run where there is a direct correlation between media exposure and new clients calling to book appointments. Other exposure may simply position a spa as reputable but does not generate new business instantly.  The latter is also extremely constructive because it generates overall name recognition.


You would be amazed at how much credence women give to mentions of spas in the media. For some clients, it even carries status to say that the spa they frequent appeared in Allure or Vogue Magazine. In addition, these media placements are good for your existing client population as it assures them that they made the right choice.  It is also important to use media coverage in the continued marketing of your spa. You can do so by putting media coverage on your web site, framing media placements conspicuously around the spa, and using language in your advertising such as "as seen in Elle Magazine."


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Katherine M. Rothman is the President and CEO of KMR Communications, Inc a Manhattan public relations firm specializing in beauty and medical clientele. The firm's clients include leading spas, salons, skin care companies and plastic surgeons and dermatologists nationwide in addition to other sub-specialties of medicine. The firm's clients regularly appear in Vogue, Elle, Allure, and many other prestigious publications as well as national television programs. Ms. Rothman has addressed the topic of spas and public relations in both trade and consumer media.