LinkedIn - The Gold Your Spa Needs to Mine

You have a Page on FaceBook, you even opened up a Twitter account and reserved a Blog. What is missing? How about a Return On Your Investment? How about an increase in business? There is a direct relationship between how active you are on LinkedIn and how effective your business development will be for your Spa. I always say "Each time you connect to someone on LinkedIn you are giving them the most dynamic business card ever - your living resume!" So what?

  1. Clean up your profile. Make sure it reflects your life and truly is the business card you want to hand out.

  2. Follow my 2 minute drill every day. Make sure you are adding at least one new connection per day. Want more business? Add more connections!

  3. Teach your staff and co-workers how to use LinkedIn effectively. Make the power of large numbers and exponential growth work for you. Every node you turn on in your network ignites your potential.

  4. Identify companies whose employees will benefit from the services your spa provides. Connect with the HR person and/or the highest level person you know at the company (yes on LinkedIn and in person). Create a package that appeals to the company and build a relationship with that company and the employees. Be a resource to them!

  5. Connect to every client. Ever.

I am setting a goal for you. Grow your presence on LinkedIn intentionally week in and week out. Make sure you have over 500 connections by the end of 2011. Participate in your network and set meetings with your connections. Mine the Gold in your network on LinkedIn!