Make More Money by Writing an Effective Marketing Message

Many small- to medium-sized businesses try to cut corners and save money by writing their own marketing materials. After all, most people know how to write.

Or do they?

Saving Money vs. Wasting Money
Have you ever spent time and money on a marketing promotion only to get little or no response? What went wrong?

If your marketing message doesn't speak to the market you're targeting — chances are you'll get little or no response. And the time and money you spent on graphic design, printing, postage, mailing lists, and newspaper ads will have been wasted.

If you want your marketing efforts to be effective, it's important to know how to reach your target market.

Stepping into Your Prospect's Shoes
First, decide on the type of clientele you want to attract. Then, visualize what they look like.

Now, imagine your prospective client is sitting in front of you. What words would you use to entice them? Is there something special about your product or service that excites them? What tone of voice would you use to talk with them? What are all of the wonderful feelings they could get from using your product or service?

Hold those thoughts! Now start writing as if you're talking to them.

Writing an Effective Message
In addition to knowing a lot about the clientele you want to attract, you must write a clear message. Be patient — this takes time and effort. But the results are worth it.

Here are a few tips on writing an effective message —
Be Concise — Get to the point. If you write too much and drag out your point, you'll lose the reader. And when you lose the reader, you lose the "sale".
Give Lots of Benefits — Many businesses explain what they offer — or tell the reader about the features of their product or service. The reader doesn't care about that stuff ... at least at the beginning. Paint them a vivid picture of how your product or service will make them feel.
Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite — Many rewrites are needed before a marketing piece takes shape. Once you've written terrific copy, set it aside for a couple of days. When you read it again, you'll find areas you can improve on.
Read it Out Loud — Once you're happy with what you've written, read it out loud. Does it flow smoothly? Or do you find yourself getting hung up on a sentence? If you stumble over your words — guess what? It's time to rewrite some more.

If this sounds like a lot of work, it is. And these are just a few of the principles a professional copywriter/marketing writer will use.

Peace of Mind
There are many factors into generating higher response rates.  The helpful suggestions in this article may help you to increase response — meaning more money in your pocket.

Also, take a moment to consider this. Just as you are an artist of your craft, a copywriter/marketing writer is an artist of their craft. As you know, it takes time and effort before you become a master in your profession.
Wouldn't you feel better if you got professional feedback on your marketing message?

Many copywriters/marketing writers are willing to provide feedback — some will charge you a fee — others will give you insight free of charge. A good writer will be honest with you ... if you're on the right track they'll tell you.

Once you know you're heading in the right direction, you can move forward with confidence. 

Heather Black is a freelance writer. She specializes in copywriting/marketing writing, technical writing, and resume services. Currently, she is offering FREE evaluations of marketing pieces. You can call her at 720-565-4623 or email her at [email protected]. For more FREE writing tips, visit



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