The Mobile Revolution: Are you onboard?

Mobile marketing is here to stay. Both consumers and businesses are accessing information through an ever-increasing variety of smartphone and tablet devices.  This shift has fundamentally changed the way people access information. The spa industry must adapt its marketing efforts to keep up.

“Fifteen years ago, the question was 'do you have a website'? Over the next five years, the prevailing question will be 'do you have a "mobile-friendly" website'?” says veteran spa industry web developer Jeremy Rhoten (co-founder of

Here are surprising stats that may motivate you to rethink your mobile efforts: (Source LukeW Ideation & Design)

  • 194,000 iPhones are sold per day; 500,000 Android devices are activated per day (2011)
  • The average smartphone user visits up to 24 Web sites visits per day
  • 40% of tweets sent via mobile; 33% of Facebook posts are sent via mobile
  • Mobile searches grew by 130% in Q3 2010
  • By 2015, American will use 50+% more mobile than PC

So what does it mean to “go mobile?” How can your business  draw in new customers and encourage repeat business from existing customers by creating a powerful mobile marketing platform?  Here are some steps you can take to jump on the mobile bandwagon and start reaping the rewards:

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly: Your website must be easy to read on a mobile device, and products should be easy to purchase if you sell online. “It's a simple numbers game,” says Rhoten. “Those who optimize their websites to appear and work optimally within the majority of these 'mobile' contexts will engage, satisfy and capture a larger number of customers than competitors who do not. “
  2. Build your mobile database: Contacting your clients on their smartphones is so powerful because it is intimate and personal. You MUST have permission to contact someone on their mobile device. Be transparent about how you will reach out via mobile, and provide benefits such as discounted last minute appointments and special promotions that allow you to reach out via mobile. Text reminders and last minute offers are valuable to your clients – let them know about the benefits of your mobile outreach!
  3. Utilize QR Codes: Include a QR code (QR stands for “quick response”) in print marketing that links to your mobile-friendly website. You can generate and print your own QR codes for free, for others to scan, by visiting one of several sites that generate them. QR codes can connect a person equipped with a smartphone to not just text or contact information, but also to email, IM, SMS, a web site, or a wireless phone number.


Be on the lookout for my future blog posts where I will dive into each of these mobile marketing techniques in more detail.

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