More competition for our retail dollars

Everybody is doing it!

Target, CVS, Walgreen’s, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar Deals, Claires Accessories Boutique, Victoria Secret, your local favorite department store chain and now add Payless Shoe store to the list.

Do you know what it is?

Can you give it a try and guess?

Its makeup, skincare, spa and body care and beauty supplies like false eyelashes, tweezers, makeup brushes and sponges.  Do you sell them?  Do you offer a fabulous and fun shopping experience by catering to their needs beyond a facial, massage, body treatment and waxing? If you don’t …your clients are saying their “Goodbyes” and driving to one of these nearest stores of their choice.  Even though they love you, they are finding what they want and need. How unfortunate, these retail beauty purchases are not from you and your spa or salon.

The holiday season from the first fall leaves, to Halloween to Christmas, Chanukah and New Years Eve…is your time to shine and make some money with adding more retail.

Start with gorgeous lipsticks, next add a small nail lacquer seasonal display, next some cozy bath, body and room scents with fall pumpkin and transition unto pine for CHRISTMAS.  Give your place a new attitude, a new look and a fabulous mix of merchandise.

Think about it…a shoe store now selling cosmetics and you’re not! You are a spa of beauty and relaxation aren’t you?