The Natural Marketing Institute's Top Ten Health & Wellness Trends of 2005

NMI's Top Ten Trends of 2005:

  1. The Immediacy of Health and Wellness Escalates
  2. The Three F's of Food Trends: Fiber, Functionality and Fat
  3. The Healthy Get Healthier: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  4. Weight Loss: Stability, Challenges and Apathy
  5. Planetary Health and Wellness: Is it Cool to be Green?
  6. Sources of Influence Become Multi-Dimensional
  7. Nutritional Supplements — Can New Science and New Claims Revitalize the Category?
  8. From Low-Carb to Slow-Carb: A Redefinition
  9. Reality Gaps Between What Consumers Say and What They Do
  10. The Organic Market: Finding the Real Value Proposition

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