New Belief, New Income Potential…

Do you want to increase your income exponentially? You can, by focusing on delivering a complete guest experience, “in the spa” and “at home!”  The spa industry does a great job with performing treatments “in the spa”, but in most cases,  misses the boat with retail opportunities and educating guests on how to take care of themselves at home BETWEEN TREATMENTS.  I don’t know why, but most spa teams don’t recognize the importance of home care products in the wellness of their clients.  You mention the word products or retail and everyone panics!  You want me to sell? The answer is, “No, you don’t need to sell, you need to RECOMMEND!” Why is retail such a sore subject in the spa industry? Spa leaders try to maximize retail revenue to generate greater profits. Yet on the other hand, we have some team members who don’t give a hoot about making home care recommendations.  It seems most spa teams only care about service income and don’t understand how much money they are losing by not making home care recommendations. As an industry, we are missing out on significant revenues that can be generated through retail.  It’s a fact, Billions of dollars are spent on beauty and self-care products per year! Unfortunately, most spas hardly tap into it.  Thousands of dollars are left on the table because team members don’t see it as part of their professional obligation and don’t realize the annual income potential. As a spa professional, you have several revenue streams you can tap into.  Here is an example of a typical compensation mix:  In most cases, there are four potential revenue streams:  1. Treatments  2. Retail   3. Gratuity   4. Benefits. Currently, you might be tapping into 3 of the 4 revenue streams while completely missing most retail revenue opportunities.   How much income are you missing out from home care retail? Do you know? Go ahead and calculate your potential! Practice the following 12 Retail Commandments and experience exponential growth!

  1. I will adopt a new professional philosophy: It’s not about selling. It’s about making professional recommendations and helping my guests.
  2. I will make it a habit to discover my guests’ concerns and help them. First, by recommending the right treatments, then by recommending the appropriate home care.
  3. I will fulfill my professional obligation by delivering a complete guest experience, both “in the spa” and by helping my guests learn what products they need to use “at home.”
  4. I will educate my guests on how to take care of themselves between professional treatments.
  5. I understand my guests buy and use products from somewhere. Therefore, they need to buy my quality products, instead of purchasing “over the counter” products.
  6. I will use and believe in my products.
  7. I will learn all about my products’ ingredients, so I can recommend them with confidence.
  8. I will use an intake form to help discover my guests’ needs and insure their safety.
  9. I will build trust and strengthen the relationship between myself and my guests.
  10. I will not prejudge my guests’ ability to afford my products.
  11. I will set goals and strive to achieve them.
  12. I will focus on recommending, not selling.

You can be like Beth P. in Colorado, a coaching client of InSPAration Management. She has achieved the highest Volume Per Guest we have ever heard of.  She averages $189 per guest for home care! Renew your belief system and commit to practicing the 12 Commandments.  There is a saying that states this simple fact, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.”  I would like to stress that our number one priority is to take care of our guests. When we do, the money will follow. Practice the Don’t Sell, “Recommend”! philosophy and the P.R.I.D.E. System and SOAR! Leave your comments and tell us how good you do with retail recommendations!