Participating in Spa Week? 10 Things to Do in Social Media

Spa Week is fast approaching on October 10!  If you are participating, here are 10 things you can do in social media to promote these $50 services at your spa, courtesy of Michelle Joni Lapidos, the Social Media Director of Spa Week and Editor of The Spa Week Daily.

Important: if you are NOT participating in Spa Week, using Spa Week in social media or in any other way to promote your other specials that week can result in a law suit.

1.     Create a visual, preferably on your website, that shows your $50 Spa Week specials and has all the details for Spa Week. You should include the Spa Week logo. You can link to this in any social media tweets, Facebook updates or other social media posts.

2.     Tweet about Spa Week using @SPAWEEK – as soon as we see it, we’ll retweet to our 15,000 followers! But DON’T start your tweet with @SPAWEEK because nobody will see unless they are following @SPAWEEK too. (It’s a little-known twitter thing - read this important tip on How Not to Be a Twitter Fail Whale

3.     Tweet about your Spa Week treatments, and use official event hashtag #50dollartreatments  Example: Don’t miss our @SPAWEEK specials Oct 10-16! Book a hot stone massage, microderm or bikini+brow wax. #50dollartreatments 212.555.6345

4.      On Twitter, tweet @ your friends and clients to remind them that @SPAWEEK is coming. Example: Hey @ChiBeautyChick @Mandee321 @FabooshMama just a reminder @SPAWEEK is Oct 10-16! Wld love 2 c u. #50dollartreatments

5.     Upload your Spa Week visual as a photo on your Facebook page. Encourage people to tag themselves on the treatment they booked.

6.     Tweet your Spa Week visual as a TwitPic (or whatever photo service you use).

7.     Invite your friends and Facebook Likers to RSVP to the official Spa Week Fall 2011 event. You can also hyperlink to this event by RSVPing and typing @Spa Week Fall 2011. Or, you can also create your own “Spa Week $50 Treatments at ZenSpa” event and invite everyone that way.

8.     Participate in conversations on Spa Week’s Facebook page! Make sure you are logged in as your spa’s page, and contribute with SMART, ON-TOPIC comments. This will attract people to check out your page. ONLY promote your Spa Week specials or say things like “Hope to see you at ABC Spa, San Diego - we can’t wait to massage our SpaWeekers” IF it is related to the post you are commenting on. Otherwise it can look very tacky on your part.

9.     Speak to your Spa Week Rep to take advantage of Spa Week’s strong social media assets! As many of our spas know, we not only feature spas on our own site, but each season we rally the blogging force across North America for a our Spa Week Sneak Peek. If you would like a blogger in to cover one of your Spa Week treatments, this is something you need to let your Spa Week Rep know in advance. We also partner with our spas to do giveaways in honor of Spa Week, as well as dedicated blog posts, Facebook posts and tweets.

10.   But before any of this: Be press-worthy. When choosing your treatments, offer something really special that will shine in 140 characters or less! Offer LONG treatments, high-value treatments, services that show off the best of what you’ve got. Offer $50 treatments that make you melt in your chair just reading them. These will spread virally throughout social media without even trying!