Pinterest Moves Ahead of Twitter

Weheartit LogoPinterest has vaulted over Twitter to become the third most-used social network in the States. Recently, Facebook announced they’ll be prioritizing updates with media, and Instagram has picked up speed to become the fastest growing network worldwide proving image-based social channels are where it’s at, according to digital marketing specialist Valorie Reavis of Linkup Marketing.

Reviewing two new reports released earlier this year by digital analysts, the Pew Research Center and GlobalWebIndex, Reavis points out the continued shift to visual communications. “Image-based networking is fantastic for the hair and beauty industry as it’s all about how we look, but spas and salons need to get more enthusiastic about photographing everything they do,” says Reavis. “And they must get used to watermarking any collection images and placing them on their website so when they are repined, it’s obvious where the photo comes from and drives traffic to the spa or salon website. It’s like an advert that could be shared around the world.” Reavis also notes to the arrival of new site spas and salons should consider. “Weheartit is the newest social network to bedazzle all those disenchanted former Facebook users desperate to avoid hanging out online with mum, dad, auntie, uncles, and even their grandparents,” says Reavis. “WeHeartIt might have crept up on us, keeping a low profile since its launch two years ago, but it has still managed to amass more than 25 million users,” she revealed. “And here’s what to love about it: most of them are young women aged 24 and under; image-obsessed, often high-spending 24-year-olds who prioritise hair and beauty like no other demographic.” Those spa and salon owners or managers with the time, energy, and willingness to embrace this emerging social network will also find content for their other networks, with a plethora of messages that would enrich any spa and salon Facebook page. Conveniently, there is a link to share. Being active on WeHeartIt might not require that much input from a spa or salon, merely a heart button installed on your own site and a gallery of beautiful images all subtly watermarked with a logo or a website address. But there is a catch, adds Reavis. The majority of WeHeartIt fans—around 80 percent—interact with the site via their phones, so spas and salons need to embrace mobile-friendly web technology or risk being bypassed by this highly active group—and that might be a big mistake. With recent investment to the tune of $8 million and a brand new CEO in post, WeHeartIt looks as if it will continue to attract new users at the same phenomenal rate it has been achieving so far—millions every month.