Planning ahead - Christmas in July!

Are you ready?

Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah and New Years Eve are coming faster than you think. These are a few months at the end of the year when you have many reasons to decorate, celebrate and show, tell and sell. However, it is not just about the almighty gift card, although they are a big seller and part of the holiday season but they are not the only ticket to sales.

This weekend I am off to attend a Gift show and explore all things gifts and more. Fashion accessories, cosmetics bags, candles, spa care at home, gifts and fun stuff. I am registered, on the mailing list of trade shows, and go to them at least once a year. They are held all over the country. They are for shop owners/boutiques and YOU. I seek out the unique gift ideas and other products I may not find at beauty shows or conferences. Shows like these allow me to keep up with the trends as well and always stay on the cutting edge of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. It is all about the trends and what’s hot now!

Here is what we retail with great success!

  • Skin care

  • spa at home care

  • Makeup

  • Makeup brushes

  • Beauty beverages

  • T-shirts

  • Kimonos

  • Fashion accessories

  • Sleeping eye masks

  • Bath and body treasures

  • Aromatherapy

  • Mini journals

  • Mini books

  • Unique pens

  • Lifestyle gifts

  • Makeup DVD

  • Gorgeous pashminas

  • Tai Chi DVD

  • Novelty and sweet gourmet delights

  • Best of all fun things that make people laugh or smile!

Don’t let the season come up on you and not be prepared. Now is the time to work with your team and dream up ways to display and do some buying and prepare for your season and time to shine!

It’s also a great time to show some cheerful giving. Think about what you can do in the community as a promotion for the holiday season. As I told you before in my blog Beauty for a Cause…clients love to do business with kind and giving people and businesses. It’s a perfect time of year for this and warms your heart too!

Words of business wisdom:

Retail success comes from motivation, contemplation, preparation and making it happen.

Tell me what works for you and share with me too!


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