The Power of Podcasting

This article defines a podcast and explains the importance of this new communications medium.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is audio content delivered through a portable device such as an Ipod, MP3 player, or cell phone. A podcast is similar to a radio shows but, unlike a radio show, a podcast allows users to listen to audio content on demand on the device of their choice.

Although podcasts in the purest form is a series of audio recordings delivered to a portable device, the term podcast has been expanded to include audio recordings downloaded on MP3 through personal computers as well.

Why podcast?

Podcasting is a marketing tool that's great at reaching and engaging niche consumer segments. It is a great, low-cost way to engage customers with very specific interests. Podcasting can give your company a personal voice that can be used for either branding or providing a very personal sell. It creates buzz and raises your profile with well-targeted audiences.

As a marketer, you can either create your own media outlet or advertise with an established content company that provides content compatible with your brand (like SpaTrade).  Podcasts serve a variety of marketing objectives while reaching a broad spectrum of niche constituents. Some approaches include:

How do I market my podcast?

  • Create a direct communication channel with consumers.
    Extend brand reach through an emotional connection with customers.
  • Direct response tool--incorporate a call to action that gets listeners to visit your Web site or call a toll-free number. Offer listeners something of value, such as unique content, a white paper, or a discount.
  • Post podcasts on popular portals. ITunes is one of the top resources for downloading podcasts. According to Hitwise, in April 2006 other top podcasting sites were Odeo,, Yahoo Podcasts,, Podcasting News, and

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