The Root Cause of Low Retail


Tanya Chernova is an international skin specialist, author of the bestselling book Under Mind, professional speaker and strategic coach, and I had the pleasure of attending her ISPA presentation recently.

Are you like so many spas, where retail sales are low and slow?

I feel like Tanya has nailed the solution to so many Spa Owners problems…problems with staff attitudes; low levels of commitment; and non-existent retail sales results. I believe her when she says finding the root cause, solves the problem…

Finding the root cause of a problem, will solve the problem

Tanya tells us that our brain is programmed to survive, not succeed. Could this be why our staff believe that as long as they don’t get fired, everything is fine?

She also states that each of us is programmed to aspire to a certain level of prosperity. Could this be why some of our staff think they’re doing well, even when their contribution and income potential is less than half of what is possible?

You want your staff to educate the client; your staff just want to be liked.

Reality: A current event triggers a past experience, which develops a belief, that becomes an attitude.

The brain retains a negative memory better that a positive one.Staff may be saying to themselves, “If she didn’t want to buy during her last visit, she’ll never want to buy”. We forget all the times it worked in the past, and now no-onewill everwant to buy. The first rejection clogged the filter and the filter continues to collect negative experiences and form negative thought patterns.

And now you, the owner, are also developing a negative attitude. You are now saying to yourself, “Staff don’t sell, they’re late, uncommitted, useless and lazy”. Your filter is now also clogged with negativity.

Leadership is supposed to be about seeing potential and helping them achieve it, BUT, if your filter is clogged, you now have tunnel vision.

You only continue to see proof that you are right, your staff are useless and lazy.

The spa culture eventually becomes what you believe.

Your team’s inability begins to physically manifest itself…

How do you create new thought patterns out of old ones?

The first step is to discover what the beliefs are that are sabotaging your business. Here are some examples of the way your staff might be thinking:

8 Success Saboteurs

1.     Clients have a negative impression of retail and don’t want to be bothered

2.     What we’re selling won’t work

3.     I am not an authority

4.     I will be perceived as an aggressive sales person if I try to sell something

5.     Beauty is a luxury and services and products are too expensive to purchase regularly

6.     If the client wants to re-book, they’ll come to us when they’re ready

7.     The spa marketing department is in charge of getting new clients

8.     It’s up to the spa to keep me busy.

Once you begin to understand the chatter that is sabotaging your success, the second step is to determine what the defining moments were, that created those beliefs.

When did “no” become a swear word?

What caused her to “die of humiliation”?

As the leader, you have to decipher the truth

9 times out of 10, fear is what you are battling. Fear of rejection, change, failure, the unknown. The brain rejects anything that doesn’t have a predictable pattern, so fear = scarcity. When fear is triggered, it is blinding.

You might be saying to yourself “If she’s lazy, it’s her problem and she needs to take action. But if she’s scared, it’s my problem, and I need to take action”. And if it’s you that needs to take action, first be mindful that there are many “parts” to us. When you approach your staff, tell them “I’m not talking to the amazing part of you right now, I’m talking to the part of you that is undermining your success. Please bring the champion in you, to this conversation”.

Thoughts drive emotions and emotions drive behaviours.

You need to become a thought leader now, because how your staff are feeling, is how they are acting

Get to know their inner chatter, and yours. Check your own beliefs and start to reprogram your mind for success. Make a list of your own negatives so you can turn them around into positives and do the same thing with your staff. Our thinking is creating our life and it’s time to create productive, positive, empowered thought processes so that you can re-direct the flow towards those things that you want both yourself and your staff to achieve.

Money goes where energy flows.

So help yourself first, and then work with your staff to turn those Success Saboteursthat are ruling their inner chatter, into more positive, Success Saviours.

This team survival technique, could become

a business survival program.

8 Success Saviours

1.     Clients will enjoy tremendous benefits with an at-home skin care regime

2.     What we’re selling works and will cause positive improvements to their skin

3.     I am an authority and my client can trust in my word

4.     I will be perceived as a caring professional, with her best interests in mind

5.     Beauty is what everyone aspires to and we have something for small & large budgets

6.     I’ll recommend her booking schedule and will follow through in her best interests

7.     I have a responsibility to contribute to the spas success and I will pull my weight

8.     It’s up me to help build my schedule and retain my clients, for the life of my career.

Start with the (wo)man in the mirror…ask her to make that change.