Scripts for Soaring Retail Sales: How to Bring Your Team on Board

Are you happy with your salon/day spa's sales? Would you like to see your salon's retail sales soar? What about your service sales too? What owner/manager in her right mind wouldn't want to see improved results?

You're an enlightened owner/manager who knows the power of using scripts. However, there could be a problem. Your team may not believe in it. Therefore, before you and your team create those powerful scripts, you have to get them on-board. You have to help them overcome their own resistance.

First, understand why your people may be resistant to using a script. Their resistance comes from one of two places.

  • A misperception of the intention behind scripting (logical response)
  • Low self-esteem (emotional response)

Listen closely, when you hear your team saying:

  • They're trying to control me.
  • They want me to memorize these scripts and then criticize me when I make a mistake or deviate.
  • They don't trust me to say/do the right thing.
  • Those are sure signs of their not knowing what scripts are about.
  • Scripts simply communicate to prospects and clients in a way to produce the best possible results consistently and predictably over time.

Like it or not, your people are already using scripts. However, they may not be getting optimal results. Scripts are just words chosen purposefully (substance) and delivered in a sequential order (structure).

It's no big deal if the wording isn't natural for your team. They can make adjustments as long as the key words and themes are included.

If you hear these objections, which appear to be related to ones signaling a general misconception to the script's purpose:

  • I won't be able to deliver the results they want;
  • I'm afraid of people auditing my performance; and
  • they're looking for an excuse to fire me because of my retail performance,

you're hearing signs of a person's low self-esteem.

Now since you're a business owner and not a priest, rabbi or psychiatrist, you're not expected to delve into subconscious or emotional issues. However, there are a few things you can do, which make the use of scripts in your salon/day spa both a reality and fun.

Position you and your team in a partnership role. Although you know that having scripts as part of your lead conversion system is essential (and non-negotiable), you don't know the best words, or how to best find out about your clients needs. This is something that you and your team will learn together. So let them know you want, need, and expect their help.

Honor your team members' strengths and show appreciation for them often. Everyone on your team has strengths. Let them know how you appreciate the contribution they're making to the salon/day spa. On the other hand, everyone has weaknesses. Having a scripting system helps people capitalize on their own real strengths, while dealing with their softer spots in an objective, unemotional way. They can actually do something about a weak sales performance. The result is a more confident more productive crew.

Emphasize the fact that scripts are meant to free people, not enslave them. Scripts take care of the routine tasks and allow your team members to concentrate on what's important. It's like driving a car or playing a sport. First, you learn to set the patterns, then you practice, practice, and practice some more. All the practice allows your team members the freedom to be alert to any situation in front of them and respond accordingly, with confidence, conviction, and creativity.

Connect the dots between what they do and your day spa's big picture. Align it to what they want the most for themselves. In a nutshell, if the salon/day spa succeeds, so do they. Everyone is working for their own reasons and your salon/day spa ought to be a place serving them as well as visa versa. It goes without saying that their supporting and participating in scripts helps the salon/day spa and helps them as well.

What you want is to get your team to a place where they're willing to try something new on the journey towards building the most successful salon/day spa possible.

Always remember that the scripts have been carefully designed to consider your clients' needs. Scripts show your concern for your team members' success as well as respect for your clients needs.

By Andrew Finkelstein, CEO The Beauty Resource