The Search for New Guests Lies Right Outside Your Door.


Going to the spa is so much more than just getting a massage or facial. It's a chance to relax, hang out in a cool environment, and catch up with a friend.  A spa treatment is as much a social experience as it is a service.  Atmosphere and personality are what separate one spa from another, and for this reason, a person's spa choice can be based as much on these attributes as on intended treatment.

A great way to attract potential new clients to your spa—and give them a taste of how unique you are—is by holding an Open House.  Since booking a treatment at a new spa location can be a tough decision for some, an Open House is an excellent way to bring people through your doors. Do so and you’re likely to attract people who have wanted to find a new spa but haven't yet taken the time and effort to do so. 

During the Open House, guests will be able to meet and socialize with therapists and desk staff, while getting a feel for your spa’s personality.  You can even choose to offer complimentary select services, like chair massage or mini facials. Make sure that you have as many staff members and therapists attend as possible; it’s all about creating those relationships and having fun with it!

Once you set a date for your Open House, send out emails or call your regular guests, informing them of the upcoming event. Encourage them to attend and to bring friends or family members.  You should offer them an incentive, such as one raffle ticket for each person they bring in.  That gives them the chance to win a gift certificate or a free treatment.  You can choose to offer light food options and beverages, but be conservative with your spending.

As guests arrive, make sure that you get their contact information so that you can follow up with them afterwards.  During the Open House, announce that you have a special offer for that day only.  For example, if guests book a treatment at the Open House to be taken within the next month, they will receive a discount.  This is a very important step, as your goal with the Open House is to acquire new guests, and attendees will be more inclined to make an appointment on that day if they have an incentive to do so.  After the Open House, send attendees an email thanking them for stopping by. Encourage them to call and book their next spa experience.

With a little preparation, you can create new guests, reward current guests, and have fun in the process.