Shopping Trumps Health During Holiday Season

Travel increases risk of spreading illness

Travel increases risk of spreading illnessThe holiday season is one of the few times that purchasing retail products in your spas comes naturally to spa-goers. For some, shopping is too important though. A Merck Manuals, one of the most widely used medical resources for more than 100 years, survey reveals people still go shopping while sick. The survey conducted by Harris Poll included more than 2,000 U.S. adults. About one in four Americans are concerned about getting sick from family and friends, yet they continue to put others at risk when they are ill by running errands, going to work, and traveling. "It's a good idea to approach the holidays more like an athletic event – where you actually rest up in advance, make sure you have enough regular sleep, drink alcohol minimally, or not at all, and try to avoid overeating," says Christopher Sanford, M.D., who runs a travel clinic at the University of Washington. "If you exercise regularly, continue during the holiday season. This will bring down stress and put you in a better frame of mind." 

Did you, your employees, and your spa-goers stay healthy through the holidays?

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