Sometimes it's the simple things...


This past weekend I was reminded on something that I simply had to share with you and bring to your attention too.

I had a few clients visit I had not seen in years. They booked a makeup lesson for a pick me up. Two different clients two different times one said the reason she had not been by is due to illness. The other client had one loss after another in her family. She said she was going through a long period of sadness and depression had taken over. When I saw them, they both looked different. They were still the same lovely women; they simply gained weight due to illness, prescription medicine and what life throws at you.

My tall makeup studio chair like they use on movie sets was not going to be right for either of them. What did I do?

I was fast on my verbal feet so to speak as she glanced at chair. I said “Mary, (not real name of course) shall I get another chair for you to be cozy in?” She replied, “Yes, please.” This was not the first time this had happened so, I always keep another type (move in easy chair in another part of the office) it was lower than I usually work from and I put a pillow under her neck and made no big deal out of it. The room was lamp and candle lit, pretty music filled the room and I had everything ready on a tray to make her skin and makeup look amazing. Despite not fitting in my chair, beauty and love filled the air and the service outcome was truly beautiful the clients felt awesome too.  Isn’t that what its all about?

Women of today come in all shapes and sizes; make them feel welcome and beautiful too! Makeup, skin care, nail care or body care…the lesson from this scenario is always be ready for the unexpected. Be prepared