Spa Marketing Does Not Have To Cost a Fortune!

Here are a few economical Spa marketing mixes that you can easily implement:

  1. In-spa marketing
    Always display your promotions in a prominent location within the spa in order to upgrade and sell additional services and products.
  2. Public speaking
    Position yourself as the expert on the spa lifestyle within your community.  Promote the spa lifestyle and your spa as much as possible.
  3. Special events
    Spa events are great way to introduce new guests to your spa. Select the type of spa event you would like to host and follow the structure outlined in our calendar section of our InSPAration Management marketing manual.
  4. Spa promotions
    Promotions are a great marketing tool. They help you increase the number of services from one treatment to two or more.
  5. Spa coupons — spa dollars
    Utilize as needed; especially for events and self generated efforts.
  6. Business-2-Business alliance
    A great way to promote your spa business!  Create a list of businesses in your area that compliment your spa such as: Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, etc. Visit them, introduce your spa and have an agreement ready to present.

By Dori Soukup, CEO, InSPAration Management

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