Spa PR Weapons


Charity Events- Private schools, religious organizations, women's groups, most of them hold fundraisers that usually include silent auctions or raffles with donated items. Contact these groups and offer up a day at your spa. In charity circles, word of mouth travels quickly. This is one cost effective way of increasing your name recognition.


Network- Invite plastic surgeons, dermatologists, hotel concierge fitness trainers and others in related professions to your spa and implement ideas for cross promotion.


Press Kits-  They do not have to cost a fortune, you simply want to present them in an attractive and professional manner including a spa menu, color photos of the spa, spokesperson bios, press releases, and photos and descriptions of your products.


Where to focus your promotion-  Know your spa audience. In general media should be targeting the following areas: the women's beauty and fashion publications, trade pubs, daily newspapers, business publications, fitness, travel, lifestyle, and bridal. A seasoned pr person will understand the editorial bent of each publication and know how to gear a press release that is well targeted.


Keeping in touch with your clients- Cultivate a mailing and e-mail list of every person who has frequented your spa.  This way you can keep them abreast of promotions or news. If you have been given accolades by the media or won an award, let your existing clientele know. I also recommend guest lecturers such as image consultants, plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, and nutritionists. This is a good means of drawing people into the spa.