Spa Retailing is CO-ED!


Who doesn't love the perfect 10?

1. No hard sell or over-selling too many products. Men just want attentive sales people offering one-stop shopping solutions

2. Languageshould be non-technical yet educational. Uncover their needs effectively and base recommendations on facts. Always present top 2 options and make it an easy/hassle-free experience

3. Productsmust be "male-specific" and address the top 3 most common needs:

  • a) Maintaining youth
  • b) Stress reducing to improve quality and longevity of life and looks
  • c) Detoxification for their "addictions" (alcohol, smoking, diet)

Products should have no strong smells (fragrance free is best); ingredients should be non-irritating for sensitive (shaved) skin; and kept to basic 3 items: wash, shave & protect. Have advanced items as needed, including sun care. Ideally products will last for 6 months and all 3 for around $100 please!

4. Sales environmentshouldn't be too congested, confusing, silly, feminine, strong smelling, or spiritual

5. Convenienceshould include travel / gym bag sizes with masculine packaging since the 'guys' are going to see them

6. Marketingtactics and skin care ideas for categories such as: bachelor; golfer; outdoors man, business man; ladies man

7. WOM (word of mouth)is huge for men when they are looking for a spa and skin care products, so make it easy for them to refer you and use testimonials

8. Retail areamust feel male-friendly, including color, decor, equipment and furnishings

9. Gift ideasfor their significant other will sell well, when they purchase something for themselves

10. Assume every man is the "Perfect Man" for your spa.