Spring sales slump-buster


March and April can be two of the slowest months of the year. It’s well past the holidays and not quite summer, so would-be guests have little reason to indulge. Incenting them to book a treatment can be a challenge. 

Have some fun with your guests this spring and launch a “Spring Cleaning” event!  Encourage guests to rid themselves of old, expired products and refresh their skin care routines with personal product consultations. Book appointments or hold an event where guests can meet with professional aestheticians for personalized product safety reviews.

Your licensed expert will review the guest’s products for expiration dates and signs of spoilage. The aesthetician can then start a conversation with the guest about his or her routine and skin care goals. The client benefits by weeding out products that should be discarded, becoming educated about whether his or her current routine is appropriate for the guest’s skin care needs, and walking away with a tailored plan that includes regular treatments and products that will help address the guest’s goals and concerns. Meantime, the spa benefits by creating stronger relationships between guests and treatment providers, introducing new skin care lines, and promoting the benefits of regularly scheduled skin care treatments.

Run this promotion in tandem with a skin care product trade-in. Offer discounts on new products for every old or expired product the guest brings in. The guest feels better about ridding him or herself of spoiled product and will be less likely to feel guilty about throwing it out. Of course, strict and clearly expressed limitations on these promotions are recommended.

From a sales-building standpoint, a trade-in promotion empties your visitors’ skin care inventories. Guests, in turn, may purchase products from your skin care lines and return to your spa once those products run out. Keep in mind, you have a couple of reasons to be generous with your offer: 1) Guests will willingly discuss their skin care needs with your professionals, building stronger relationships and 2) You are helping to clean out the competition so your products are the new game in town.