Now more than ever, your excellent spa services must be accompanied by imaginative ideas that will cause a stir and make you STAND OUT AND GET TALKED ABOUT! My inspiration for this blog came from these fascinating Facebook Pages: Old Moss Womans Secret Garden , Suzi Homefaker, and Junk in the Truck.

If I didn't have a Spa Development company, I would own a Design & Decorating company...for sure

As children, my sisters and I were raised in homes with a color palate of crimson red, royal blue and gold...pretty bold...and beautiful. Mom and dad were collectors of antique art glass, paintings and furniture and needless to say, our homes were a bit like "show pieces".

The plastic was removed from the lampshades and couches during frequent grown-up parties around the piano, but that museum rope warding off rammy kids from entering the living room, although invisible, really was tangible! But thankfully there were numerous other comfortable rooms that we could mess up without too many consequences... but they contained our dad's western collection of bronzes and guns, so we still had to be careful when pegging the TV converter at each other, or whacking the other one in the head with a pillow.

So this love of a beautiful environment was handed down to their daughters, although we have all adapted a slightly more casual approach in our homes (notice I said "slightly").

I've always loved tapping into other industries and applying those ideas to the spa industry, and I've recently become so inspired by some unique decorating ideas that could really help make your spa STAND OUT AND GET TALKED ABOUT.

So, run your spa well as a priority, and then allow yourself some liberties with eye-catching, extra-ordinary decorating ideas that will STAND OUT AND GET YOU TALKED ABOUT!

Although not all of these ideas will be viable choices at your place of business, I think you'll get the idea! Enjoy!


Experiential Rooms & Spaces

Picture #1: Imagine this as a treatment room (cabin chic); Picture #2 is recycled fencing with glass inserts...for the artist at large; and Picture #3 is pure country at the Cowshed Spa in Miami Beach.


Experiential Services

Escort your client up flower-lined stairs to her floral treatment room to experience your signature botanical facial, including an edible after-service frozen petal pop.


Outdoor Spa Garden Experience

Down the stairs and through the garden path, there appears a spa garden tree-tment house, offering a menu of creative, indiginous services.


Feather Friendly

Birds have big audiences. Why not have your own little window observatory; or randomly placed teapot nests; and eclectic bird baths made out of lamp shades, for all your bird-loving guests to enjoy.


Indoor Gardening

Picture #1 would be especially stunning in a Hair Salon/Spa; in Picture #2 this living table of succulents would spur some great conversations; as would Picture #3's set of live and stylin' high heel shoes.


Mini Refreshments

From whipped cream stuffed strawberries, to chilled veggies on a stick, to ice cold honey lemonade in mason jars, feel free to add your twist!


Retail & Beauty Boutique

Sell jewellery in sliding picture frame drawers; let your imagination go with a mini-menu of paper nail art designs (watch newspaper nails video here; and have handmade vegetable-stamped card stock for sale.


Shedding a beautiful light

Hang an antique tee-lite chandelier anywhere, embellished with crystals and colored mason jars; or wall-mounted ambient candles inside tin containers, and glow sticks inside balloons...have some fun!


Cool Clean-ups

This old book is recycled as a broom (if only for show!), and old screen window frames serve as your spa laundry bins.