Start With Your FaceBook Business Page

Your Spa has a FaceBook Business Page, what are you doing with it? Are you using it as an educational tool? Are you promoting services and products? Are you promoting deals? Do you have an audience?

Your FaceBook Business Page is the most valuable marketing tool you have ever had! Primarily because of the "social factor." Any of your customers can share your presence quickly and easily to the public. You can communicate with your people regularly and it is easier than typing an email or even picking up the phone. Why isn't this amazing tool driving more business for you?

1) You MUST start creating GREAT content. You have invested heavily in your education and the education of your staff that provides top level services. You are sitting on gold, start mining!!! Your content should be focused on bringing small bits of your spa experience to the home. Help people relax, feel better and beautiful - they will want more! Educate them, just like you do when they are at your spa. Think of your FaceBook Business Page as an extension of your brand. You must communicate the experience and continue to nurture your clients.

2) Build the audience. Providing great content is the first key to building your audience. Implement a strategy at your stopping point (where people check in or out). It may start with something as simple as including the address to your FaceBook Business Page on the customer's receipt. Including your Facebook address in all of your advertising collateral is critical, think about the decision you made in 1999 to include your website in advertising. Last but not least, tell people about your Page. Word of mouth is still our most powerful communication tool.

Are you ready to increase revenue at your spa? Would you like to find 10% growth this year? Start with your FaceBook Business Page, your community is waiting for you.