Teams & Mental Health


The phrase "Mental Health" in the work environment is usually related to:

  • Job Stress and/or Burnout
  • Communication or the need for Conflict Resolution between employees 
  • Employee Anxiety 

We think because we are in the spa industry we don’t get stressed. The fact is many employers and employees in the spa industry rarely go to spas or practice what they preach. Cry for help? Daily, we receive indicators that many are stressed. What are you doing about it? Mental Health is one of the hottest business topics today. This makes it a great opportunity for all of the spa owners not only to improve the employee’s state of health but also to increase revenue by developing programs to help other industries and generate new revenue streams.

Did you know…

  • More than 90 percent of employees agree that their mental health and personal problems spill over into their professional lives and have a direct impact on their job performance.
  • Stress in the workplace causes approximately one million employees to miss work every day!
  • Three out of four employees who seek treatment for workplace issues or mental health problems experience an increase in work performance.

Are your employees actively engaged in their work? Recently a Gallup study found that only 26% of employees surveyed categorized themselves as actively engaged in their work. Studies illustrate that there is a direct relationship between employee engagement, leadership, and retention.A Mental Health-Friendly Workplace makes good business sense. It benefits everyone; employees, employers and the bottom line.

Healthy minds have many benefits:

  • Higher Productivity and Motivation. If you care about your team’s well being, they will feel valued, secure and be more productive.
  • Reduced Absenteeism. Workplace stress is a major cause of absenteeism. Helping employees manage their stress and overall mental health will boost productivity.
  • Loyalty and Retention. Reduce turnover cost along with cost savings in recruitment, new employee orientation and training.
  • Hiring the Right Team. Practice behavioral interview questions, not your typical traditional process.
  • Position Clarity. This helps reduce stress and anxiety by making responsibilities clear.
  • Better Workplace Relations.

Open communication channels to express situations. Create a positive climate for understanding, conflict resolution, and support. Develop a Corporate Wellness Program and then offer it to companies in your community. You can help them offer their employees methods to maintain a healthier state of mind while opening new streams of revenue and opportunity for everyone.  Did you hear what CVS is asking their employees to do? Everyone wants to cut their healthcare cost so here is your chance to grow your business!  Leave us your comments and tell us if you are offering any special programs!