Top 10 Ways to Effectively Use Twitter for Spas

First things first: if you are not already on Twitter, stop reading this article and create an account.   I’m not joking.  This avenue of social media is blowing up and if you are not using it actively and strategically, you are missing out on an unprecedented world of new relationships and opportunities.

Twitter is like networking on steroids.  You can instantly connect with like minds and communicate with them in real time. It is an incredible tool for building relationships, making conversation, reading the latest news and enhancing your brand identity.  Unfortunately, many spas are using Twitter simply to promote their specials and services.  While this is an important component, in order to be successful on Twitter you must build trust and credibility by engaging with your audience.  Otherwise, you might as well delete your account.

Twitter is multi-dimensional and needs to be used as such.  Think of it as a vital tool in your marketing toolbox in order to help make your brand remarkable.  So, here are the top ten ways to effectively use Twitter for your spa.

  1. Create a Strong Profile. It seems simple, but many spas do not do this.  Make sure to completely fill out your Twitter profile and use succinct, appropriate keywords that reflect your brand. Include your location so people know where you are and upload a hi-res image of your spa logo as your avatar.  Without a complete profile, you won’t be perceived as a quality tweeter.

  2. Use Your Brand’s Voice. Whoever is tweeting on behalf of your spa, make sure he or she has a deep understanding of your mission statement and Twitter strategy (and has excellent spelling and grammatical skills to boot).  This seems obvious, but please stay positive and upbeat with your tweets.  No one likes to read about complaints or negativity.

  3. Follow the Right People. This includes competitors, current and potential customers, journalists and bloggers in the spa and wellness industries.  It’s a great way to find out what’s happening right now with these important influencers.  You’ll have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on and have the ability to…

  4. Find and Retweet (RT) Quality Content. An appropriate motto for Twitter could be “sharing is caring.” What I mean by that is when you come across information you think your followers would enjoy, retweet it.  It’s especially beneficial to RT content from those whose attention you want to receive.  It’s a wonderful way to create and maintain relationships.

  5. Connect with Your Followers. Twitter is a form of social media and engagement is a crucial component.  Pay close attention to your @ replies and make it a point to respond appropriately.  This can be to publicly thank someone for a RT or for visiting your spa, extend a personal invitation or respond to customer complaints. Don’t be discouraged if another tweeter says something negative about your spa in an @ mention.  Rather, use it as an opportunity to address the concern and win back trust.

  6. Ask and Answer Questions. As a good example, I’ve seen occasional tweets from Glen Ivy Spas that ask their audience simple questions such as “The most valuable thing I ever learned was___________.”  This invitation to answer starts a conversation and shows you care about your follower’s opinions.  Also, be on the lookout for questions and help someone out by answering if applicable.

  7. Occasionally Promote your Blog, Facebook Page and Specials. It is important to promote yourself.  But, be mindful of how often and apply the 80/20 rule: use 20% of your tweets to self-promote and the other 80% to connect with people and share valuable content.  One idea you may want to consider here is to tweet an exclusive offer for tweeters with a promo code that spa clients can use for their next service.  Ideally, these offers will be retweeted and increase your client base.  It’s also is a good way to track your Twitter influence.

  8. Send Short Tweets. The maximum number of characters in a single tweet is 140, but less is more.  Try and tweet less than 120 characters so there is enough room for retweeters to comment and for your @ name to show up.

  9. Use Twitter Lists. The benefit of using lists is twofold.  First, it allows you to organize your favorite tweeters into categories so you can stay on top of relevant tweets.  Two, by adding an account to your list it shows that you think their content is valuable.  Secret tip: create a private list of competitors to keep a close eye on their activity.

  10. Space Out Tweets. Since the lifetime of a tweet is about one minute, staying active and tweeting regularly is important.  However, don’t go overboard and tweet too much, otherwise you run the risk of turning off your followers.  On the other hand, if you aren’t active enough, you will be perceived as not adding much value to the party and that may also cause people to unfollow you.  Therefore, aim to tweet an average of 5 – 10 times spaced out evenly throughout the day.

Just like anything, Twitter is a balancing act and it takes time to build loyalty.  But, when used consistently and effectively as a social media marketing tool, chances are you will develop a reputation as a trusted source of information and ultimately increase your business.

Plus, Twitter can be pretty fun.  I like it.