Top 3 Sites for Social Networking

There is a whole technological Ecosystem developing before our eyes, that we can either ignore; adapt to slowly at our own pace (recommended!); or race to embrace.  These new methods of network marketing provide us with everything from enhanced lead generation, to high level CRM (Customer Relationship Management).  Knowing that the spa industry is slow to move in the technological arena, I am confident that this "Snapshot" will be eye-opening to many of you!  
Top 5 Sites for Social Networking and Micro-Blogging : These are not just communication devices to chat from, they generate leads and help close sales by increasing exposure and developing relationships.  Another purpose they serve is to increase your organic ranking, as search engines are now sending traffic to your site based on these social networking "traffic sources".  Here are just a few to consider...
1.  LinkedIn - Use LinkedIn for business referrals and leads.  A great way to introduce men to spaaing. This business-orientated site is used for professional networking and has a primary demographic of males averaging 41 years of age. Your developed "connections" are people you know and trust in the business.  Your connections, connections & their connections (called second degree and third degree connections) allow you to be introduced to possible business opportunities.  You can join relevant alumni, industry, or professional groups of your choice.  Let's get some business women in here!

2.  Twitter - Use Twitter to notify your clients of present day and next day appointment openings; promotions and new business initiatives.  Demographic of 35-49 is biggest.  This "follow-me" site allows you to put in up to 140 characters which are displayed on your profile page and delivered to those who have subscribed to, or are following you.  You can restrict or allow open access to your "tweets".  It's free unless you use SMS (short message service). 6 million unique visitors monthly. Currently the fastest growing site in the Member Communities category for 2009.  Although discovered by the media, still under 7% of the population uses it, but growth over last year was a whopping 1,382%
3.  Facebook - Use Facebook to "tap into the fountain of youth". Join in by city; workplace; school, etc. You can choose your friends and use privacy settings which allow you to control what type of information is automatically shared.  The most popular application is the ability to upload unlimited photos.  You can now also send "gifts" for $1.00 with a personalized message to your friends; and post free classified ads to those in your network.  228% growth year over year, with the fastest growing demographic being those 25 years and older.
By Leslie Lyon,