Top 5 Considerations When Choosing Spa Management Software


  1. The Fit -  realize that one size does not fit all!
    Make sure it meets core business needs
    Look at your requirements for Scheduling, POS, Inventory, CRM, Staff Management
  2. Scalability - Will it support your needs in 3 years?
    Switching systems is costly!
    Make sure what you buy today will support your needs for growth
  3. Training / Support What are my options?
    How long does it take to learn?
    Is one-on-one training offered?
    How much support do I get?  What is extra?
  4. Vendor's Reputation and Credentials
    Do they understand my business?
    Who are their major clients?
    Get references from their key clients.
    Do they specialize in Spas or service other industries?
  5. Technology and Maintenance
    Are they current on new technology advancements?
    What is the development language and platform?
    What new features will be available in their next release? Proprietary or open system?
    How often are new releases available?

By Roger Sholanki, CEO Book4Time




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