Top 7 Social Media Tips for 2011

  1. Clean up you personal FaceBook Page. Start by doing an inventory of your security and privacy settings, then edit your friend list. Delete some dead weight that you can not remember why you are friends with them, add each and every friend to at least one List. Have a Business Page? Fine tune the content you are posting and commit to posting regularly. For most Spas, weekly.

  2. Review your LinkedIn Profile. Is your job description accurate, have you taken on any new skills or projects that are not listed in your profile? Have you joined any organizations? Are you missing any jobs that should be included? For your business, is your company profile up to date? Have you added in Services your Spa offers? Make it easy for your clients to understand your services.

  3. Delete anybody not following you back on Twitter. Really, cut the Fat. Anybody that is offended by this can start following you, at which point you can follow them back. The people that do not follow you back will not see your content, lose them. If your business is located in one city, follow people and businesses in that city - participate in your community!

  4. Get your YouTube Channel on!!! Put a little effort into adding in the details, flush out your profile and subscribe to some channels. If you have a Twitter account, integrate it in. Make 2011 the year you “Like” videos on YouTube and share them on FaceBook!!! Better yet, start making your own videos or hire my company Cleveland Groove to make you engaging and very “Shareable” videos. Video is the future and the light is getting closer, catch this train!

  5. Upgrade your Mobile access to your network. Learn how to use that smart phone (or buy one), download applications that enable you to update your network and view what is going on. You MUST have applications for FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter loaded on your phone and easy to access. Start “checking in” on FaceBook, comment and Like more pictures and updates. Interact with your network, do not simply lurk. Mobile makes it easy!

  6. Share more pictures. January of 2010 we had 17 Billion photos on FaceBook, growing at 2.5 Billion Photos per months with 400 million people on FaceBook. My guess is as we grew to 500 million FaceBook users and beyond, we added more than 2.5 Billion photos per month. Are you contributing to that massive collection of 50 Billion + photos on FaceBook? Are you setting up logical album names and maxing out the 200 photos per album like you should be? Are you getting people tagged in your photos?

  7. Go Out More. Really. Make plans with people or simply show up and make a new friend. This is the Gold at the end of the Social Media Rainbow!!! Connect up with people you meet out in the real world on LinkedIn or FaceBook, get to know them, include them in your world! Take your Spa on the road, host events at your location and take your team to events. Be creative as you integrate your business and your community!

Follow these simple tips for 2011 and you will have an engaging and interesting year.