Travel Skincare Tips

expert beach vacation tipsI just returned from a busy holiday weekend filled with travel by plane, car, bus, and train, and I'm definitely not the only one recovering from the kick-off to summer weekend. As many clients are returning home rejuvenated after a fun-filled weekend their skin is still likely in need of a reboot. Here are five essential tips for summer skincare to share with clients to help prepare for their next vacation.

  • Beware recycled air. While your final vacation destination may be Hawaii or Mexico, you might not realize your skin will experience the likes of Death Valley on the plane ride there. Airplanes are a hydration zapper, as in-cabin relative humidity is similar to desert air. Prepare skin pre-flight with Control’s Hydrant Stabilizer, which enables skin to hold on to crucial moisture, and keep a moisturizing mister like Control Balancing Tonic in your carryon for on-the-spot hydration. Opt for water from the drink cart rather than soda or alcohol, and while they may be the last of the airplane “freebies,” pass on salty snack mixes.
  • Save suitcase room for skincare. If they’re headed to a sunny spot, there will likely be plenty of suitcase room amidst swimsuits and cover-ups, so there’s no excuse for scrimping on a regular skincare regimen. That said, no one wants to pack bottles upon bottles of product, so fill travel-size containers with core products—cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen—or invest in convenient, airline carryon-size-approved products from your favorite professional line, like Control Starter Kits. Many moisturizers now come with an SPF, which can also save suitcase space.
  • Have hotel soap backups. Don’t assume that hotel skincare products will be sufficient, especially if clients have sensitivities. While some high-end resorts offer recognizable brands or professional lines from their in-house spa, most provide private-label mysteries. Always investigate ingredients, and avoid parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, and alcohol. Fragrance is the biggest allergen in skincare products, so stick to fragrance-free formulas or those scented with essential oils or fruit extracts.
  • Moisturize, swim, repeat. Whether days will be spent at the pool or the ocean, be aware that both chlorine and salt water will deplete skin’s natural hydration. Try to rinse off post-plunge, and follow with a reapplication of waterproof moisturizer and sunscreen. It’s easy to escape routine while on vacation, but don’t slack on your morning and before-bed moisturizing to maintain healthy hydration levels.
  • Set a sunscreen reminder. To avoid sunburn and sun damage, reapply sunscreen often. Set a smartphone sunscreen reminder every two to three hours, and don’t forget those oft-forgotten spots like the scalp, the back of the knees and tops of the feet. Should clients suffer a sunburn, apply soothing aloe vera and moisturize often. Avoid picking peeling skin, and minimize itching by applying a cool cloth soaked in water or milk on affected areas. A cool shower can also help, but be sure to pat skin dry, as rubbing can cause more peeling and additional irritation.

What do you recommend for clients heading out on a vacation?