Two irresistible words!

Thank you…are two of the most magical and  powerful words.

Do you say thank you often enough to your clients?

We say it often in my business and mean it too!  Who doesn’t like to hear those words and feel like their business is appreciated?

There are so many ways to say thank you.  How do you say it to your clients?  Share with me and the rest of our Spatrade family, we’d love to hear your ways.

Along with the words, you can show acknowledgment by:

*“Enjoy this free sample”

*“Here are spa dollars to use on your next visit to purchase skin and body care.”

*“Beauty dollars $1.00 off your next beauty purchase”

*A sweet treat chocolate on the facial bed or massage table after a service

*“Thank you for your business”

Ring them!

Phone calls to say "thank you" and to follow up after a Microdermabrasion and check on the client and how her skin is coming and how she feels.

Mail to them!

Old or new clients…they will love to hear from you.  I love going to my mailbox at home or at my studio, don’t you?  Call me old fashioned but I love stationery and note cards, writing, and receiving mail.  Not just bills.

Hug them now and then…hugs are so underrated. I love them and mean it too! Think about it…Some people have no one to hug at all. It’s the perfect way to say thank you!

And it costs you nothing!

You can never say it enough in business and in your relationships with loved ones. Even my husbands face smiles a little brighter after I say it. It truly is music to the ears and it will make your clients come back for years to come!

They make and have hundreds of decisions and lots of choices on a daily basis on where to go for their beauty and services…let them always be YOU that they come to!