Types of Seaweed Treatments

Salt Glow
A typical salt glow uses finely grained sea salts (sometimes Dead Sea Salts rich in magnesium and potassium chloride) mixed in an oil base.  This is useful as salts do not dissolve in oil and their friction qualities are extended.  Using the palms of the hands, the therapist provides a brisk and rapid friction beginning with the feet and moving up along the entire length of the body.  One cup of sea salts is enough to provide an entire body treatment and create an osmotic pressure greater than the saline levels of isotonic seawater that is our ocean within.  Therefore, exfoliation, vascular stimulation and re-mineralization of the tissue with marine ions is achieved

Thermal Treatments
Seaweed's potential to deliver a huge payload of marine ions and nutrients is enhanced following exfoliation and thermal heat treatments.  This is true when applying seaweed body masks and packs.  Following an exfoliating treatment, the blood circulation is closer to the periphery of the skin.  The pores are dilated.  Seaweed powders mixed with water are then applied to the surface skin uniformly throughout the body.   The direct contact of the minerals and trace elements to the skin speeds up its assimilation creating a "marine ion storm" into the connective tissues.  This may be one of the key reasons that seaweed body wraps are so popular in treating the symptoms of cellulite.

Seaweed wraps using Fucus and Laminaria algae are provide skin toning qualities and lipolytic benefits.  The organic iodine in Laminaria together with the fat burning properties of Fucosterol in Fucus are helpful in addressing the root causes of fat accumulations in the hips and upper thighs.  The calcium and magnesium levels in Lithothamnium Calcareum, which is often associated with the brown algae, help to eliminate excess water and as a result, relieve symptoms of bloat while stimulating lymphatic drainage.  Detoxification is achieved.  Legs look slimmer and healthier. Lithothamnium is also indicated in the treatment of osteoporosis and the healing of fractures.  Its rich calcium and phosphorus levels speed up healing.  A warm poultice is applied to transport minerals to the bone tissue.

Marine Fagno
Marine fango, a blend of organic detritus, clays and muds, is used in body mask treatments. It is a storehouse of minerals and trace elements and is useful in the treatment of some skin disorders due to its anti-inflammatory properties (Leroy, 1979). It is.  When heated, it is an excellent thermal conductor for the treatment of rheumatic pain and sore muscles