Under the Weather And In Health - Spa Business

Not too long ago I drove by a spa business that had a sign out front that read "Closed due to sickness."

This meant that the cash flow would stop until the spa owner was able to return to work. Even worse, the spa business would not be able to generate revenue for the owner when it was most needed. And what about all those other spas within the spa industry that remained open and continued to do spa marketing?

Browse the subsequence steps right away today to make sure that your spa business will notwithstanding be working when you are not able to and eventually when you return.

1. Generate Systems:
Reflect on all your daily routines within your spa business. Which daily routines and spa marketing efforts are critical to the continuous success of your spa business?
Turn these daily routines into systems by documenting the steps crucial to complete each of them. Create system binders for your tasks so that your staff, receptionist and estheticians can complete respective tasks in your absence using the steps in the system binders.

2. Automate YOUR Spa Business:
Automate as most you can in your spa business so that you can not only make money while you are not there... but how about even while you sleep, but also most important when you are away ill and can't support the spa business.

You can automate follow-ups & thank-you's using email and autoresponders. Think of other areas of your spa business  and marketing that are vital to its success, and automate the processes if you can. Automate the receptionist tasks and the collection of sales so that you don't have to worry about the cash flow when you are not present.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of a spa business, so make sure it doesn't stop flowing when you are not able to operate your business.

3. Create Multiple Revenue Streams:
If you are the only one able to operate your spa business, you definitely need to ensure that your cash flow will not halt when you have to stop working.

Create information products (on all kinds of spa treatments, and how-to advice) now and sell them via the internet to generate even more revenue for your spa business. If you are not able to physically generate revenue for your spa business, your information products will be able to.

4. Project Ahead Now:
Will you hire an assistant, temporary manager or spa director to operate your day spa or medi spa in your absence? Then start the exploration now to make it possible. Write down all the attributes you want for your assistant or spa director. What duties will they perform during your absence? What provisions will be handy to them to carry out their duties?

Choose your spa director or assistant now so they will be prepared to come aboard when you need them to. You don't have to hire them now, but make it easy on yourself by yet having someone inclined to help you operate your spa business when you are not able to.
Let this person know what your goals and give them a binder containing your customary operating procedures and the resources available for them to complete their duties.

Most of the systems you create for your day spa all start with some pre-planning so start immediately and prepare your spa business for future success.

John Uhrig, President & CEO of Monochrome Marketing Solutions, a Vancouver, BC-based spa marketing consulting firm. And is the editor of the Spa Marketing & Advertising Strategies E-Newsletter featuring day spa marketing best practices. 'The Spa Business Owner's Unfair Advantage.' www.spamarketing.ca [email protected]