Understanding Your Employees Heirarchy of Needs

The spa employee has a hierarchy of needs that you must understand and satisfy if you desire to retain them for long and benefit from their tenure. The top 5, in order of importance to employees, are:

1. Education: the strong need to be stimulated, improved, and valued through a continuous investment in knowledge.

2. Recognition and Validation: the feeling that one is appreciated for their personal and technical contribution to the company's success.

3. Growth and opportunity: the sense that one isn't stagnating in a futureless job.

4. Security: the belief that they have chosen a safe, supportive, and healthy company to work for.

5. Personal Income: "Well, I do need to make a living too..."

The less you foster values #1 through #4, the more value #5 money, rises to the top of the list. In other words without the sense of satisfaction one wants to feel from their primary values the more one's secondary values increase in importance. This is especially dangerous to employers in the spa (clientele dependent) industry since we know that time will be required in order for even an outstanding therapist to develop a reliable following.

The more this employee can feel satisfaction with their primary values the more patient and motivated they will be in waiting out the normal business building stages. Be generous with training and praise, and you'll receive a handsome payback from your investment!

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