Using Social Media to Prepare for IECSC and Conferences

Are you going to IECSC this year? How about a local SpaExec event? Are you using Social Media to build your business at these events? Here are a few easy tips to make your conference productive and profitable!

  1. Do a 5 minute review of your profiles on LinkedIn and FaceBook, make sure you look like the experienced professional you are.

  2. Research the companies, panelists and attendees who are going to be at the conference and figure out who you want to meet. Make a list!

  3. Look at their web sites and "like" their page on FaceBook and Twitter. You can get involved in the conversation, or simply find out more information that will help you connect at the conference.

  4. LinkedIn is a great tool to do some research and figure out who you want to connect with and why. Look up the people on your list! Feeling more aggressive? Introduce yourself on LinkedIn to some of those people and set up meetings before or after the conference (breakfast and cocktails).

  5. At the conference, take those cards you collect and put them to work. You have 24 hours from meeting someone to connect with them on LinkedIn without having to re-introduce yourself. When you get back to your hotel room each night, get online and start looking up the people you met and connect with them!

Yes, start preparing for the conferences you are going to today! Use social media as a research tool and a networking tool. Who are you going to meet this year?

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