The View from My Side of the Desk: A Trade Magazine Editor's Perspective

By Linda Lewis, Editor in Chief, DAYSPA Magazine

Getting your business noticed by magazine editors is easy if you're a reader. When you know the types of stories that different publications run, you know how to approach a particular magazine editor. You know what kinds of stories they run and how to position yourself or your business to fit those needs.

For example, day spa owners are always asking me what they need to do to be profiled in DAYSPA. We profile at least one day spa in every issue, but that still means we're going to feature only 12 to 15 a year. That makes the competition pretty fierce. What we're looking for in our profiles are good businesses and savvy business owners who have information to share with our other readers.

The best way to get our attention for a profile is to sell us on your solid business operations and how you've been able to continually grow you business over the years. Isn't that what every day spa owner wants to know?

In addition to the limited profile opportunities, there are also other ways to get involved in stories for day spa. Let us know what your specialties are and about the aspects of your day spa that make it stand out from its competitors. Are you especially good at marketing to grow your clientele? Are you a whiz at retail? Have you devised a particularly effective Web site? Have you perfected a crowd-pleasing event? Do you have a particularly well-oiled team? Have you devised a fool-proof way of hiring and training new massage therapists? Do you have a hot new service? Letting us know about a single way in which you or your staff excels could lead to a feature story in which you and your spa become the major contributors. Contributing to stories of this type can also increase your chances of getting a full-fledged profile down the road.

Getting your business prominently displayed in any publication increases your chances of getting additional press. Lots of writers for consumer magazines make it a point to read the trade publications regularly to get contacts and ideas for consumer articles.