Wellness Works: How to Effectively Implement Wellness Programs into Your Spa


In May 2010, the Global Spa and Wellness Summit partnered with the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and completed a profound study entitled Spas and the Global Wellness Market: Synergies and Opportunities. According to this report, spa represents $60.3 billion of the $1.9 trillion global wellness market. Is your spa tapping into this?

Wellness is a huge untapped resource for new revenue streams and happier employees. At SpaExec Sonoma in May 2012 and SpaExec Palm Springs in July 2012, attendees learned different ways to effectively integrate and promote wellness programs into their spa.


Here is your opportunity to download The Zen Girl’s presentation.Highlights include the following points:

  • Spa clients’ #1 health concern is stress management, according to ISPA
  • Use verbiage in your spa services menu that speaks to the industry and consumer definition of wellness (i.e., quality of life, balance, relaxation, stress reduction)
  • Education is key; position your spa as a thought leader in the wellness industry
  • Case Study: Rasa Spa
  • Questions to ask yourself regarding your spa’s identity. How are you a “purple cow”in your marketplace?
  • Step-by-step on how to implement a wellness program
  • Corporate wellness selling points
  • Marketing and public relations ideas
  • Ways to measure and quantify wellness
  • Ideas on maximizing employee wellness
  • Steps you can immediately take to implement a wellness program

Panel discussions included exploring questions such as:

What challenges does your spa face with implementing wellness programs?

What successes with wellness programs have you experienced?

How do you implement wellness in your workplace?

What does wellness mean to you?


Looking forward to hearing your feedback in the comments section below!