What to do after a Spa Exec Event

After an amazing event like SpaExec Sonoma, what should you do? Dive in head first!!!

1) Review your profile on LinkedIn and make sure it truly represents you professionally, update any areas that can be improved.

2) Dig into that stack of business cards and look up the people you met at the conference on LinkedIn. Yes, you should have followed my24 Hour Rule, but better late than never. Remind them how you met as needed. If they are not on LinkedIn, look them up on FaceBook(those links will take you to the Spa Exec group on LinkedIn and the FaceBook Page - participate in the community)!

3) Follow-up with direct emails or phone calls. Did you make a connection with the representative for that product you have been considering or maybe discover a new product? Send out an email to them and strengthen that connection. Get to know your rep better and put together creative deals, it is in both of your interest to get that product moving off the shelves!

4) Did you re-connect with someone you haven't seen all year that works at a Spa only 20 minutes from you? Drop them a line and get together for coffee or tea. Sharing your knowledge will make you both stronger!

What is the big picture here? We come together to learn and improve the services we deliver. We are in the business of relationships, it is our mission to deepen and strengthen these relationships one encounter at a time. Take the practice and motivation you find at a conference, back into your Spa and energize the relationships you have with your clients. Start NOW!!!