You Are What You Eat

Food-themed spa products have become increasingly popular recently. From indulgent chocolate to treatments inspired by watermelon and Key Lime pie, spas are encouraging guests to let their taste buds take the lead. Certainly incorporating farm-fresh and local ingredients appeals to spa-goers, but it’s not easy as pie. This September 28-30th, the Latin American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will focus on the growing convergence of food and cosmetics to make it a bit clearer for the industry. Topics discussed will include formulation challenges and risks, as well as the sustainability of foods in cosmetics. For example, as some parts of Brazil are suffering from water shortages, the summit will look at water-smart cosmetics. Case studies will demonstrate how brands can create stable and esthetic formulations using food-grade materials, from speakers including Judi Beerling of Organic Monitor, Anita Pissolito, and Virginie Milosevic of Caudalie Brazil. The leading Brazilian cosmetic companies Grupo Boticario and Natura Brasil will share their new sustainability endeavors, allowing attendees the opportunity to learn new ways to combine food products and cosmetics in innovative and safe ways.


What does your spa do to stay on-trend while remaining environmentally friendly?